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Plants and animals make their own drugs to survive in the wild. Like a key fitting into a lock, these perfectly crafted molecules can shutdown infections or paralyze prey. Our Fred Hutch scientists have discovered how to create thousands of variations of these amazing drugs. Some can survive the acid in our stomach or stay present in the blood for long periods of time. Others can make it into the brain. Nature gives these molecules special abilities, and, in the lab they can be tailored to target diseases like cancer and disorders like autism. It’s a bit like supercharging nature to fight disease.

Armed with tens of thousands of new molecular keys, Project Violet scientists are racing to find the ones that shut down cancer or paralyze diseases that affect human patients.

For a tax-deductible $100 gift, you will help support a new drug candidate that might otherwise go unexplored – and by sharing the drug discovery adventure, you may learn that you’ve made a lifesaving discovery.

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Our simple idea to revolutionize drug discovery begins with elements in nature. Your first step is to choose your team – spider, violet, scorpion or sunflower? Each of these fights predators. We can harness this ability to create drugs that can be used to fight rare cancers and other rare diseases in people. These teams will compete to find out which drug candidates do best.

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